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Horizon Europe: a new programme to fund research and innovation

Horizon Europe: a new programme to fund research and innovation

Introduced on June 7th 2018 by Carlos Moedas, Commissioner for Research, Innovation and Science, Horizon Europe will be the European Union’s 9th framework programme for research and innovation.

Running from 2021 to 2027, the European Commission dedicates a 100 billion euros budget to its implementation.

Through the implementation of Horizon Europe (FP9), the European Commission ambitions to maintain Europe at the forefront of research and innovation. Beyond this objective, it aims to continue the work carried out in the context of Horizon 2020 towards long-term scientific, economic and social impact of research and innovation.

Through Horizon Europe, the European Union aims to address the following challenges:

  • To strengthen the European Union’s technological and scientific potential
  • To stimulate Europe’s innovation capacity, competitiveness and boost employment
  • To meet European citizen’s needs and preserve the EU’s socio-economic model and values

Referring to the evaluation of the previous framework programmes (FP7 and Horizon 2020), Horizon Europe shall enable European researchers to go further and to bring science much closer to society as a whole.

While simplifying its implementation, this framework programme aims to reset the focus over existing funding schemes and to encourage synergies between already existing European funding programmes in order to build partnerships of new kinds.

In this new framework programme, the societal challenges approach remains central, as well as the research and innovation guidance through specific missions and call for proposals. Projects funded through calls for proposals issued in the context of FP9 will however not be considered individually, but rather in the perspective of being part of a portfolio of projects dedicated to one same large-scale challenge.

Structure of the Horizon Europe program

A simplified program ?

  • Continued principle of a single set of rules with further improvements
  • Stable funding rates
  • Further simplification of funding model
  • Increased use of simplified forms of grants where appropriate (including lump sums)
  • More dissemination and exploitation of research results

Budget distribution as foreseen in Horizon Europe


What is Horizon Europe: an introduction

This video assesses major breakthroughs made possible thanks to Horizon 2020 and presents the new objectives set for the new framework programme, Horizon Europe.

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