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Other EU Calls

Besides Horizon 2020, other EU programmes do exist and offer  interesting funding opportunities for research.

There are number of other EU programmes (satellite programmes of H2020 or other EU programmes) that fund collaborative projects:

  • Programmes managed and mainly funded by EU Members States which can also involved non-EU countries (Era-Net/ Era-Net Cofund; JPI-Joint programming initiatives).

Be aware that for these programmes NOT ALL Member States participate. Therefore, depending on your consortium, you will have to check the eligibility rules to see if your partners are funded.

  • Private-Public partnerships Programmes partly funded by H2020 and Industrial partners (JTI-Joint Technological Initiative), which are managed by independent entities (IMI, ECSEL, etc).

The rules of H2020 usually apply.

  • Public-public partnerships between the EC and members states and charities, foundations.

The rules of H2020 usually apply.

The different programmes are listed below by main scientific discipline.

Thematic Type Acronym                                        Topics Period
Health Era-NET E-Rare-3 ERA-NET for Research Programmes on Rare diseases  2015-2019
Health JTI IMI2 Innovative Medicine Initiative 2014-2020 
Health Art.185 EDCTP2 European Clinical Trials Development Partnership 2014-2020 
Health JPI JPND  Neurodegeneratives Diseases  
Health JPI MYBL More Years Better Lives  
Health JPI HDHL Healthy Diet for a Healthy Life  
Biology/Health JPI AMR Antimicrobial Resistance  
Environment Era-NET ERA-NET+ FACCE Agriculture, Food Security, Climate Change  2013-2018
Environment Era-NET FACCE SURPLUS  Sustainable and Resilient Agriculture  2015-2020
Environment Era-NET COFASP Cooperation in Fisheries, Aquaculture and Seafood Processing  2013-2017
Environment Era-NET Biodiversa 3 Conservation and Sustainable Management of Biodiversity  2015-2020
Environment JPI JPI-Climate Connecting Climate Knowledge for Europe  
Environment JPI  JPI Water Water challenges for a changing world  
Environment JPI JPI Oceans Healthy and Productive Seas and Oceans  
Environment/Bioeconomy JTI BBI Bio-based Industries   2014-2020 
Environment/Bioeconomy JPI FACCE Agriculture, Foood Security and Climate Change  
Mediterranean Era-NET ERA-NET MED Euro-Mediterranean Cooperation Through ERA-NET Joint Activities and Beyond  2013-2017
Mediterranean Era-NET Arimnet2 Coordination of Agricultural Research in the Mediterranean Region  2014-2017
SSH Era-NET Heritage Plus ERA-NET Plus on Cultural Heritage Research  2013-2018
Fuel cell and hydrogen energy technologies JTI FCH2 Fuel Cells and Hydrogen 2  2014-2020
Aeronautics JTI CS2 Clean Sky 2   2014-2020
 Electronic components and systems  JTI ECSEL Electronic Components and Systems for European Leadership  2014-2020
Transport JTI SESAR Single European Sky ATM Research  2014-2020
 Transport JTI Shift2Rail Better trains and railway infrastructure  2014-2020



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To find open calls of existing ERA-NETs and Joint Initiative actions, browse the ERA-Net support platform: ERA-Learn which provides web-based information for P2P (you will find a list of existing ERA-NETs).

You may also consult the website of the French National Agency