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ERC Starting - SEGWAY

ERC Starting - SEGWAY

ERC Starting - SEGWAY is a project led by Stéphanie Debette, Professor of epidemiology and neurology at the University of Bordeaux and INSERM UMR897, and adjunct associate professor in the department of neurology was distinguished by the ERC for her:  « Study on Environmental and GenomeWide predictors of early structural brain Alterations in Young students » SEGWAY project.

The SEGWAY project aims to explore the heritability and genetic determinants of structural brain phenotypes in young adults in their early twenties participating in the i-Share study, the largest ongoing student cohort;  Identifying common biological mechanisms underlying both early and late-life structural brain changes would provide important information on the mechanisms and timecourse of brain aging throughout a lifetime and could be of major importance for characterizing high risk populations most likely to benefit from early interventions.

Duration: 5 years starting from December 2015. Funding: 1.5M€